About Us

Profile Solutions was established in 1993 and has been a supplier of world-leading leak testers for testing plastic bottles, drum and technical parts with exports to 33   countries.

We now offer in addition to our leak testers a complete range of modular conveyors. This range has been tried and tested since 2002 running in over 20 countries. Many thousands of conveyors have been constructed from this system.

We are pleased to offer this high quality system to the North American   market.

We can assist with concept design, project and engineering, assembly and after sale service.

Many multinational companies utilize this conveyor system. The ProfileFlex conveyors are used in designs to handle packaged foods, plastic bottles, tissue rolls, automotive components, personal products, pharmaceuticals, detergents and chemicals.

This document is created by Profile Solutions to support its customers in developing & optimizing their conveyor systems. It is intended as a guide only; for critical applications, please contact Profile Solutions for further assistance.

It should also be noted that many new and specialized components, due to their nature, have not been included in this catalogue. Again, contact Profile Solutions for assistance.

It is of paramount importance that all conveyors, elevators & other automated equipment are installed & operated in a safe manner.

  • All equipment should be suitably bolted down prior to operation.
  • Electrical wiring may only be carried out by qualified technicians.
  • Never operate any conveyor without appropriate guarding in place.
  • Never operate any conveyor which is damaged, and may cause a hazard.
  • Always set safety slip clutches to the appropriate tension (where applicable).

We now offer in addition to our leak testers a complete range of modular conveyors for the North American market.